Thomas Edison Elementary School Project Ideas?

Answer Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) was born in Milan, Ohio, and showed an interest in science in at an early age. The little boy who was interested in science grew up to be one of America's greatest in... Read More »

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Elementary School Project Ideas?

School projects teach more than basic academic requirements; they often involve an entire school participating as a group. Whether the project centers around service, environment, art or science, a... Read More »

School Project Ideas for Elementary "All About Me" Day?

Celebrating an "All About Me" day gives students the opportunity to share information about their likes and dislikes, families and goals. Elementary school students can reveal more about themselves... Read More »

Project Ideas for Elementary School Floats?

Community and homecoming parades are opportunities for your elementary school to develop floats and showcase your students. Work with parents to create a theme that all will find pride in and enlis... Read More »

Elementary School Invention Project Ideas?

Nearly everything around your home had to be invented by someone. The automobile, the computer, the toilet and even the pencil are all the product of someone's imagination. Teaching elementary scho... Read More »