This surely shouldn't called 'being a vegetarian'?

Answer It's just a meat preference. NOT vegetarianism. People who eat ONLY fish are called Pescatarians though.

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My friend keeps being called by this # 05-230-2659, no one on other end what # is this?

i worked for a phone company once. SBC.We used what's called a reverse number directory. go to to use the one we usedKeep in mind, this isn't going to tell you much if it's a ... Read More »

I want to know if I'm going crazy or if this is how people end up being vegetarian/vegan......?

It's sort of how it started for me.I used to think it was cruel that animals were killed since I was young but I came from a large family of ominvores so I didn't become vegetarian until many years... Read More »

Is it true you shouldnt eat peanuts out of a bowl on a bar because of them being covered in wee!!?

Surely this is a myth?

Of course its a myth. I don't believe in magic or alternative therapies, only in things that are science based. On the down side, it might be nice to believe in such things.