This sounds like a scam...?

Answer Big time scam.

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Does anyone know if this sounds like a scam?

Absolutely nothing on their website give proper contact information - no phone number, no street address - nothing. That raises all sorts of red flags. I would not trust them for anything....Their ... Read More »

Does this sound like a scam?

DO NOT ANSWER!!! He is a scammer. I googled him for you and this is what I found :… Do not reply and ignore his email address him a a SCAMMER!!! The scam... Read More »

Does this sound like a scam or authentic to you?

Not only was it a scam, it was illegal. It is probably too late now to report this, but in the future if this happens again get all the information you can from the person including a good call ba... Read More »

Do you think this sounds ok to say to a girl I like on facebook?

Instead of writing that on her wall you should use the facebook IM to talk to her. This will show that it "just happened to be a coincidence" that you two were online at the same time ;] Hey, I've ... Read More »