This realy happend folks..what dose it mean............?

Answer I think you have a very kind Dr. who has compassion for her patients when she knows they are going through some emotionally difficult times. I'm sure she recognizes that you're a caring person who ... Read More »

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Dose anybody knows Nathan Kress real cell phone umber and dose he have a iphone?

Don't tell anyone else and delete this question so nobody else calls it. His number is 209-208-3227 and he does *not* have an iPhone.

What does BBC realy stand for?

Does heart realy has got anything to do with thinking?

I want to be a model but im realy short!:(?

Honestly I'd say not to try and change for a model agency but if you really want to ....I guess it doesn't really matter what height you are as most modeling is done with photoshop. Photoshop can e... Read More »