This question is about gaming mice:?

Answer ok 1st for the keyboard go with the razor lycosa. thats what im using right now and i love it!!! its has an extremely fast response time and is super comfortable on your hands and fingers. and has ... Read More »

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Question about a computer and gaming?

no offense but that is a pretty outdated build with just integrated graphics that would definitely struggle in gaming, don't waste your money with that.It would be best if you could save an ample a... Read More »

Questions about this gaming rig?

dont listen to the idiot above me thats fine for gaming.…you will be gtting marginally lower FPS than that due to low end processor but you should be able ... Read More »

Question about this Epson printer?

Yes, my friend, you WILL need to buy 4 different ink cartridges to print in color. In fact, it won't even print in black if you don't have all of the ink cartridges present, and all of the ink car... Read More »

Question About Whatsapp, this is CONCERNING!!?

Please post what device (what is your cellphone model, that is) are you using to access WhatsApp, as the interface varies from OS to OS.