This probably sounds stupid, but how do you get pictures off your digital camera?

Answer Well its not stupid. Take the digital card out of your camera and take it to the kiosks or photo shop nearby or even download it from your camera to your computer using the cable that came with you... Read More »

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Is it possible to transfer a few pictures from digital Canon camera to my cell phone a basic phone without camera and later use these pictures as wallpaper?

It takes 11 years 2 months 1 day 19 hours 9 minutes 2 seconds 5 milliseconds

Stupid digital camera batteries?

There is one thing about digital cameras that people don't realize (or often know about): Even with the camera off they will slowly drain the batteries. The processor in the camera is always using ... Read More »

Ok, stupid digital camera question....?

Before we start making guesses, how about you tell us what brand it is and what model number.The flash symbol is supposed to be self evident.

I accidently formated all of my pictures on my digital camera. Is there any way to get my pictures back?