This probably sounds stupid, but how do you get pictures off your digital camera?

Answer Well its not stupid. Take the digital card out of your camera and take it to the kiosks or photo shop nearby or even download it from your camera to your computer using the cable that came with you... Read More »

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You messed up on your digital camera and ended up deleting all your pictures from your card you doubt this is possible but is there anyway of restoring the photos?

Answer It may be possible to recover the files, but it depends on the type of camera, how you deleted them what you have done since. There are programs which can undelete files from memory cards,... Read More »

I know this sounds stupid but how long can you live without your heart?

There are no stupid questions when you are looking for knowledge.You can not survive without your heart. It pumps the blood throughout the entire body.During a surgery like a heart transplant, they... Read More »

This probably sounds dumb, but how can I become motivated?

lol. well, if you eat badly, then cut your face off a picture,paste it on a fat person picture to show what you couldbe if you don't exercise.maybe i should do that because i don't have any motivat... Read More »

Any advise from where to buy video camera in New Orleans! Probably stupid question, but could you help me wi?

Here it is…Good Luck!