This ones for the techy guys that troll the consumer electronics category?

Answer I Get It!I know what you talking about!Sony does make an OK television... But thats it... It's only OK.Not Great, or even Very Good... just good. So why are they selling for more than a better tele... Read More »

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Where are all of your old consumer electronics....?

I gave them away except an old iron which comes from my mother-in-law but could be a back up.

Do the consumer durable products such as television comes under fmcg category?

How to Get a Job Working With Consumer Electronics?

So, you're interested in electronics like they have at stores like Radio Shack. Ever wondered what kind of job you could get involving them? Tech colleges offer classes involving electronics like t... Read More »

Who else wants Y!A to add "High-End Audio" to Consumer Electronics?

A High-End Audio would be nice, but I don't think Yahoo would get a good following.Maybe if all us Audiophiles start talking about High-End Audio here at the "Home Theater section," Yahoo will get ... Read More »