This odd pain in my lung...?

Answer Go visit your GP and ask to be referred to the hospital for a xray on your lungs.

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Worried my mum might have lung cancer -- constant coughing, wheezing, pain in chest..........?

I understand your concern, but my first reaction is don't panic. There are a whole load of other stuff that it can be, which are far more likely than lung cancer. I smoked from 15 years old unti... Read More »

I feel mild pain in lower part of my right lung when i bend slightly what is the problem?

Is this how smokers get lung cancer?

Its a crude analogy. The first person is right, its not an infection, but you are right that once the cell mutates, it starts dividing itself and multiplies into millions of cancerous cells.But sp... Read More »

HELP: My 18 y.o. daughter injured her foot & is crying in pain! What could this be How to relieve pain?

I don't know if in America you have emergency rooms (I'm sure you do), just find the nearest one and drive there. I'm pretty sure they're always open and ready to take people in. If you're not sure... Read More »