This needs to be answered immediatly!!!!?

Answer More than 3 million people get injured due to car accidents, with more than 2 million of these injuries being permanent.There are in excess of 40,000 deaths due to car accidents every year. Althoug... Read More »

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HELP need this answered! is this wrong?

what part of that occurance says "right" to you???? of course it is wrong. and whats more wrong is if noone did anything to help the kid right then. someone should have reported it. that kid came t... Read More »

Permaculture Fan Have you answered this question?

please go into this link and add a comment if you agree it is benificial to the green comunity if we had theis subject as a sub category under Environmentâ€... Read More »

Nobosy answered this question before, plz answer now...?

Being selected for verification means your fafsa application will be checked against various documents you provide like tax forms and schedules, sometimes they ask for drivers licences, marriage li... Read More »

What do you think about this town who answered the call for adoption?

It sounds like their hearts were in the right place but their heads weren't. Wanting to make a difference in the children's lives was admirable. However, if not financially stable and prepared to d... Read More »