This mystery Graphics card is making me go crazy..!?

Answer it is extremely common for older devices such as AGP video cardsto NOT have support for Hibernation.This does not stop the opsys from trying to go through the motions.You would be wrong to think th... Read More »

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Will this graphics card work with this processor?

yes it works,But i think you should go with HD 6850 is priced 140 $ ANd far better than 7750.

I would like to know if this power supply and this graphics card are compatible.?

You'll be happy to know, that PSU is well and truly enough to support that graphics card, almost too much. It doesn't hurt to have a bit of extra power though, for upgrading, that type of thing. T... Read More »

Would this graphics card fit this motherboard?

I have the same motherboard and also looking at the HD 6790. What a coincidence :) If i find the answer elsewhere, i'll post it here for you :DThe graphics card will definitively hang over 1 of the... Read More »

Would this graphics card fit in this pc?

If you are trying to make a gaming system do not look at either of these as they are way way outdated and not up to demanding games at all. Set yourself a budget and buy a component every month or ... Read More »