This morning I woke up with a bloody nose?

Answer As others have already said a humidifier will do wonders but they need to be kept extremely clean or they can cause problems breeding bacteria. They come with special cleaning solutions, keep the w... Read More »

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Sore on my top lip...on my lip line and woke up this morning with this please help!?

Cold sores are a virus , you don't have to have a boyfriend to contract one and virginity has nothing to do with it . It probably is a cold sore that you have and it would be advisablee to buy or a... Read More »

HELP! Woke up this morning with a droopy left eye lid!?

We cannot know what is going on with this. One possibility is a condition called Bells palsy, but you need to get it checked out.

Woke up this morning with pain behind my left eye?

Most aches and pains can be easily explained without it being the worst case scenario and could be any 1 of the following. 1 eye strain, you could possibly have just done too much VDU work and have... Read More »

I woke up this morning with a tight chest pain. Help?

Please please please go into A&E and get yourself checked out.