This morning I heard that babies/young children can see ghosts and so on. It makes me wonder if it's true?

Answer as adults we tell ourselves that there is no such thing as ghosts so we're not as receptive to them, but kids don't know any better, so they are more likely to see them

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Do the us ghosts really exist if they do why haven't the us sent them into Syria yet because the ghosts could easily end the conflict there?

yes, ghosts are really exist but we can't see them but they can see us because they are a spirit .they eats air.we have not that supernatural powers to see them.but sometimes who believe in them fe... Read More »

I heard that ......, is it true and pls explain..:P!!?

mono-zygotic twins happen when the ovum splits in utero. it has nothing to do with the father.however sex of the baby can only be determined by the fathers sperm because women only have X/X chromos... Read More »

I heard swimming is that true?

I heard wikipedia in an unreliable source. is that true?

Anyone can write into wiki whether they know the answer or not. There is NO need for objectivity."More reliable than an encyclopedia" is a nonsensical statement especially if you want bias and opin... Read More »