This may sound gross!?

Answer Yellow usually indicates infection. You might want to get checked out

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Does this sound good or gross?

Its ok - but you need some kind of sauce to tie it together. Cheese alone won't do it. This is kind of why cream of mushroom soup was invented. :)

Is this gross?

SOME people have HUGE foot phobias.. Cant even hear people talk about their feet.. I say, phuck umm.. You wernt doing anyting wrong really.. Maybe you should have gone in the bathroom but then agai... Read More »

My directv receiver has stopped producing actual sound, instead only the sound of static. How do I fix this?

when does it do this , for tv , radio , aux .? check connections you might have aloose connection to ur tv or something ,, MABYE

I know this is gross but...?

Hi,8 days is a long time.I eat loads of oranges.Last year i went nearly 2 weeks with out going.In the end I had to call the doctor out & had to have an enima.If you can go & see your doctor if not ... Read More »