This man posted a video of my baby on Facebook. Would you say its strange?

Answer You have every right to object to footage of your child being posted on Facebook. He should NOT have posted it without your express permission. You can quietly contact Facebook directly and ask the... Read More »

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How much would this weigh went posted?

You're kidding,right ? How would anyone on Yahoo know how much these items would weigh to figure out the postage ?The only way to figure it out would be to have all the items,plus the packing and... Read More »

In my dream me and my favorite aunt was fighting over this newborn baby wo both were claiming it was our own child so we went to get it tested but the baby would not let go of me what does this mean?

I suspect the newborn baby represents yourself. You feel that you are ready to be responsible and take care of yourself. Your aunt thinks that you need her (or your parents) to take care of you. Th... Read More »

Somebody on Facebook said i have a video on www.yavids. com so can u help me find this video i really need hp?

***A word to the wise (or mentally challeneged). If someone you never talk to posts a corny comment that requires you to go to another page/web site...(wait for it)...Don't do it. Youll be yet an... Read More »

Is This Really It After All This Time Pics Posted Inside!?

Oooooooh hunny wow look at them - they are positives all right! faint but there!! and a line is a line - test again in a couple of days and you will get a darker line!! You are defo preggo hun - co... Read More »