This loop works but is there another way to do it in java ?

Answer How do you know there are 26 elements in the guesses array?You should use the length of the array (unless you really only want the first 26) which case you could ALSO do a foreach loop:use the... Read More »

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Is there another file scanner like this one?

You may obtain that which you desire from FILE HIPPO .COM-you can also load the very small auto update notifyer that they have for free.

Does java works with the iPad 2?

Safari, the built-in web browser for the iPad, supports JavaScript, which is a subset of Java. It does not support Java apps that need a full Java engine to run.

Have a sony 42 inch hd monitor - your cable provider does not offer hdtv at this time is there a way to get another component?

You can always get what's called an `upconverter'. What that does, is convert standard video into a synthetic HDTV signal by using a technique known as line doubling. And no, I don't know off hand ... Read More »

If you were a Jumbo Jet pilot on your last day at work, would you do a loop the loop for a laugh?

hahahahahaha That just made me laugh proper have a star!!!And yes id probably consider it then think of the prison sentence i'd get!!!