This just in.. Youtube Data Centers are ALL offline!?

Answer LOL! you are my new hero :]

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What is online and offline storage of data?

Online data storage refers to information that is moved from one source or location to another over a broadband or other data cable. Off-line data storage refers to copying and storing data to tape... Read More »

Where are Google data centers?

Google has data centers in Texas, Florida, Illinois, California, Oregon and other states, in addition to overseas data centers in the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Japan, China ... Read More »

Tips & Techniques on Offline Data Entry Work?

Date entry, while not particularly exciting, forms the backbone of every corporation. Sales leads need to be put into systems, addresses need to be updated, payments need to be tracked and matched ... Read More »

Data Centers & Disaster Recovery?

A data center is a room or building designed to house computing equipment and---often---operations personnel. All data centers have several elements in common: environment control, locked doors, fi... Read More »