This is wierd, Can you do this?

Answer WOW!!!!! That is sooo cool!!!!! I can't wait to share this with so many people that I know...hey..maybe I can make some bets and make some much needed money!!!! lol..just joking! I did try it and t... Read More »

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Feels like my hearts beating wierd, wierd feeling in chest !!!SCARED.. is this normal!!?

I would seek medical attention, if you are having trouble with your pulse and heart and pains in your chest .

Is this wierd, or what?

It's not that unusual. If the headache is severe, it could be a migraine. Migraines are often triggered by noises. Other triggers could be hormonal, strong scents, bright lights, and so on.Info ... Read More »

This might be wierd.......?

How can I put this delicately? Alright, pretend this is AIM:YDK> Wanna cyber?You> Sure!YDK> *pats your head*You> *cheers enthusiastically*Now replace the head patting with the stuff they show on Ci... Read More »

Am I wierd for a guy (Asking the ladies)?

Sounds to me like you're the type of guy that every girl in the world is looking for.It's not weird to want sex to be special.It's not usually how guys think but it's not weird.It's good that you'r... Read More »