This is stupid but does it hurt to photocopy....?

Answer no it won't, at the end of the day it is a simply a high intensity light that is used to pick up the various shades of colour to create the scanned image, it is not harmful to your hand at all.Ther... Read More »

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Does this sound stupid?

I think that's fine. Some people live with relatives or in a shelter, or the whole family in one room, so be grateful for what you have. I'm sure your parents would provide you with your own room i... Read More »

This may sound stupid, but what does <8 mean?

The first one looks like a naked lady lying on her side and the other one appears to be a really pointy wiener with a big ball sack.

Does anyone else think this is stupid?

It is not a stupid idea. I used to drive buses at Disney and you don't know how many times I have heard parents make that statement. I have always suggested that they start circulating petitions ... Read More »

Why does my stupid memory card do this or camera D:<?

Hi K Dog,The reason that you cannot get that to work is because cameras use proprietary (private/undocumented) operating systems to process the images on their cameras. When you move the file to a... Read More »