This is stupid but does it hurt to photocopy....?

Answer no it won't, at the end of the day it is a simply a high intensity light that is used to pick up the various shades of colour to create the scanned image, it is not harmful to your hand at all.Ther... Read More »

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I put the bottom of my headphones in my mouth and i have braces I know im stupid and it made a static noise And the headphones were in my head Did my brain get hurt or anything?

No iPod has any speakers, so you will need either the supplied earbuds or some other headset, or else a docking station with speakers, These are widely available.

Howcome my stupid computer won't recognize the stupid usb?

because both of them are stupid, isn't that obvious! O.o

What is a photocopy machine?

A photocopy machine is an electronic device that copies an image, often from a piece of paper, to a new piece of paper. The device is often referred to simply as a copier.FeaturesAmong the features... Read More »

Scan or photocopy?

If you really care about the quality of the photos, I would take them to a photo shop and have them digitized (assuming they are not already digital photos which would negate the need for your ques... Read More »