This is really scaring me?

Answer Demand a second opinion. Positive note I had similar symptoms for years rarely a day off. I had a brain scan, a EEG and other tests turns out I have hemiplegic migraines - very scary. I have an aur... Read More »

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How do i prevent this scaring?

Infection is a major contributor to increasing your chances for developing a bad scar. All open wounds should be cleansed with hydrogen peroxide and a topical antibiotic ointment like Polysporin Oi... Read More »

My little brother is scaring the sh*t out of us?

It sounds like he might have pneumonia. Fever, chest pain, fatigue, and trouble breathing are classic symptoms. Pneumonia can be very serious, so your mom should take him to the ER tonight. If t... Read More »

Stop a cut scaring please help?

Don't pick the scab. Just leave it to heal. dont even touch it.

OCD thought scaring me!!! Help!!!?

Oh shutup OCD is all in your head ,you control OCD ,OCD doesnt control you.stop taking medication if you do that is .it just makes things worse