This is really scaring me?

Answer Demand a second opinion. Positive note I had similar symptoms for years rarely a day off. I had a brain scan, a EEG and other tests turns out I have hemiplegic migraines - very scary. I have an aur... Read More »

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How do i prevent this scaring?

Infection is a major contributor to increasing your chances for developing a bad scar. All open wounds should be cleansed with hydrogen peroxide and a topical antibiotic ointment like Polysporin Oi... Read More »

Reading all this in the adoption section is scaring me out of adoption?

I wouldn't let a few vocal adoptees influence your desire to adopt. There are a group of regular "anti-adoptees", some angry and some bitter who repeatedly spew negativity toward adoption. If you... Read More »

Is this ufo footage real or is this fake I really don't know what to make of this!?

My computer seems to be running really really slow how can i fix this?

un install all programs that you don't use mainly gamesthen de-frag and error check. these are on your computer install a good anti-virus, AVG is the best and is free.then get a 'C Cle... Read More »