This is on Veggie., diets, am reading alot of recipes,?

Answer Being vegetarian in no way requires the consumption of soy.Processed crap is processed crap, whether it's vegetarian or not.

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Any easy veggie burger recipes?

VEGETABLE VEGGIE BURGERSINGREDIENTS3 tbsp olive oil1/2 cup corn kernels7 mushrooms, diced1/2 red bell pepper, diced2 cloves garlic, minced1 tsp cumin1 carrot, grated1 small potato, grated1/4 cup si... Read More »

Tasty and healthy fruit and veggie recipes?

you can create fruit salads with cottage cheese, oats, nuts or yogurtor u can make urself a smoothie u need a blender:-choose 1-3 fruits of ur choice such as melon, apricot, mango orange, strawberr... Read More »

Wikipedia is crap I heard alot of teachers say, and alot won't accept it as a source, has anyone noticed this?

That's interesting because some university academics have no problem citing Wikipedia in their publications.

Do you know any recipes for this or similar recipes?

That just looks like a saute of chicken and veggies tossed with penne pasta to me, pretty easy stuff. Use this recipe and just add some chicken.…And of cou... Read More »