This is not fake, can you believe it?

Answer I am afraid to even click the link. What is it and maybe more people will answer.

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Is this ufo footage real or is this fake I really don't know what to make of this!?

I cant believe this, is this frequent nowadays (for railcrews only please)?

You kinda picked up right from where my answer with regard to this claptrap ended.I don't watch much TV myself. But I have seen bodies who have frozen to death on a night time jaunt across the des... Read More »

Do you know this This I find hard to believe but said to be true ... :-)?

Yup, learned that at Mr. Wizard's (Don Herbert) knee. We grew up on a farm and after seeing that program, all of us kids ran out to the orchard and garden to try it out. Mom and Grandma were not ... Read More »

I saw this on youtube does any one believe that this is really happening?

Yes. conspiracy is everywhere. they can be traced back to ancient times.