This is more of a warning TROJAN VIRUS ALERT?

Answer Yes, that and others like it have been around for a while it seems. I'm always leery about clicking on any and every link that I find in an e-mail. There are some programs which will scan a link be... Read More »

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Have you received this virus warning?

No havn't had that 1 thanks for the advice.

My usb got infected by a virus trojan horse. how will this be removed?

You mean your usb flash drive. you need to use a computer that has a good antivirus software on it like norton (2005 onwards) that has been recently updated. Plug the flash drive into the pc, if au... Read More »

Is this site genuine at removing the Trojan Tracur virus?

Better scan your computer with Malwarebytes.

I couldn't remove this virus file AKA "trojan-downloader-dofoil" thing... Help?

After you get this problem resolved (it looks a bit like a "Master Boot Record" modifier) and you'd like to rid yourself of these constant aggravation inducing malware items, look into getting a Li... Read More »