This is kind of embaressing....?

Answer What is actually happening is that you are pushing with your neck, and tightening the muscles around the artery traveling to your brain so the oxygen rich blood is not traveling with the typical ea... Read More »

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Embaressing Bathroom Question?

You probably have a hemorrhoid, which is like a varicose vein, and it swells up and breaks open under pressure. Go to the grocery store and buy some Metamucil and some Preparation H suppositories ... Read More »

PLEASEE HELP MEE.. sooo embaressing! : ( ?

Ok- first off- you NEED to go to a doctor. Have a family memeber take you. What is going on can not be fixed by anyone writing to you here. I wish it could. Don't be embarrised. Tell your mother th... Read More »

I'm Always Sweating Under My Armpit's and It's Really Embaressing Help ):?

have you tried the clinical strength deodorants? i heard they really work.

Is this kind of prank call illegal This is the last straw if it is!!?

That is absolutely horrible of you. You should be ashamed of your self. Actually you should call the restaurant and apologize, even pay for your order.