This is going to sound really stupid, but... Natural poisons and getting high?

Answer opiates kill pain, but other poisons may cause painful distresswith no analgesic effect...death could occur....the grand design may have taken into account that certain plants must be saved for hum... Read More »

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Does this sound stupid?

I think that's fine. Some people live with relatives or in a shelter, or the whole family in one room, so be grateful for what you have. I'm sure your parents would provide you with your own room i... Read More »

This may sound stupid, but what does <8 mean?

The first one looks like a naked lady lying on her side and the other one appears to be a really pointy wiener with a big ball sack.

This may sound stupid, but why?

Your most likely sensitive to embarrassment and judgement and want to avoid it with others that you don't know as well as your friends

This may sound stupid........................…?

On Discover Myth Buster said no you can't