This is going to sound immensely weird but are you afraid of dieing?

Answer Life is hard, death is easy and if you are religious you and them have something to look forward to weather it be the afterlife or reincarnation

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Is it weird to be afraid of injections?

There is not much you can do to prevent the pain it brings. But honestly it does not hurt much at all. I was scared of needles for most of my life. Now I stare at the needle and watch it go in my v... Read More »

That weird sound....?

You mean when you hold in your gas and your tummy rumbles a little? That's your body redistributing and shifting around the contents of your bowels. You held in your gas when your body clearly want... Read More »

Does this sound weird to you?

Both passenger's in the front seat are supposed to wear their seat belt's . You should always carry your license and your insurance as well.

Put peroxide in left ear and now right ear has weird sound.?

(Why would you do that in the first place)