This is going to sound immensely weird but are you afraid of dieing?

Answer Life is hard, death is easy and if you are religious you and them have something to look forward to weather it be the afterlife or reincarnation

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Ive been eating immensely and going to sleep early is....?

It could be plenty of different things, the symptoms you list could be related to depression. However, this could also be signs of pregnancy, a thyroid disorder, lack of rem sleep, not enough exerc... Read More »

Does this sound weird to you?

Both passenger's in the front seat are supposed to wear their seat belt's . You should always carry your license and your insurance as well.

I hear this weird wooshing sound when i put my hand near to my ear?

it is normal. The air trapped in between your ears are creating this.

This is going to sound insane but..?

i don't know that is crazy i think that if the damage is not that much and it still functions right then u all should keep it other wise u should just get a new one because ur going to end up spend... Read More »