This is an emergency!?

Answer How much is too much alcohol has he been this drunk before??? I'm assume he hasn't or you wouldn't be asking this question. You need to take him to the ER right away. The ER doesn't care if you ... Read More »

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I took a picture of this EMERGENCY!?

Convulvulus. Common names include bindweed and morning glory.

Can anyone help me with this fashion emergency?

With your amazing body you are doing a disservice to the world by wearing clothes.

PLZ PLZ HELP!!!!! anyone who is ggod at technical stuuf this is an emergency!!!!!?

unplug it then take it apart to remove the video from inside..... do not touch anything that you cannot or think you cannot put back together again the exact way you found it..... i have removed vi... Read More »

What is the average cost of a non-emergency visit to an emergency room visit for a toothache?

Answer where I live In Pa its $ 90.00 dollars As an Emergency Physician, I would tell you that one would need to know a lot more about the visit. If you mean a sore throat of a routine nature, roug... Read More »