This is a very serious question.?

Answer How sad :[Here are some treatments to look into:TreatmentMedications are the usual initial treatment for trigeminal neuralgia. Medications are often effective in lessening or blocking the pain sign... Read More »

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This is a very serious question about my grandson i would appreciate some helpful answers?

Damn,she looks like an Oompa Loompa...neat! What does she use to get that radiation glow? Eh..babbies are resilient...he'll be just fine. Good luck mamasita!

I feel sad right now because my mum is really ill. This is a serious question so serious answers only please.?

hi there. I'm a former cancer patient myself, a survivor. I can't tell you if she has cancer or not, but it's a good sign the doctor has not called by now or asked her to come in earlier. She mi... Read More »

___-----VERY SERIOUS QUESTION====____?

go and tell your school consular tell them what happen and that you did not think that it would let you get to a site and much less that it would be a porn site talk to them be strait up then do wh... Read More »

Very serious question. Need your help guys.?

Lol! I think you should get a welder to weld me up, cos i'm totally cracked up right now!!! ahahahaha i was so serious for a second lol. + don't think she would cheat on you, if you're a hardcore b... Read More »