This is a serious question. please do not read if you are not mature enough. thnx?

Answer You are completely NORMAL. I was a "late bloomer". Everyone's body is different, and on different "schedules". Some girls hit puberty quicker than others. Please dont rush! Your body will begin ... Read More »

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Sex question (mature answers only please)?

Not necessarily, I suppose, but two methods are better than one. The pill, when used perfectly, is about 98%-99% effective (though since it is rarely used perfectly, it is actually about 95% in mos... Read More »

A question for the"Mature" members of R/P?

Aww, Honey ~ (you call me old/ I treat you like one of my kids ;-D)Those groups were/ are huge. No doubt about it. They were NOT under the radar *because* way back then.... we had a very limited ac... Read More »

Sex question mature answers please anxiety/nervous?

learn to be comfortable with your self as your girl friend shes maybe thrilled she effects you like this, most girl love to know this , learnto relaxe

Tokio Hotel Family: if you read the Georg & Bill question, read this too ='( 5 minutes long but important...?