This is a plea for prayers please!?

Answer I went to the Lord in prayer for you and Lance. I asked Him to alleviate the pain so that Lance can rest easier. Also for you. I know that nothing is worse than to have to watch someone you love su... Read More »

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Please read, and send prayers for this family?

I am praying for this family to receive comfort and healing. I am also praying for you to get over your fear. I would not leave a baby alone with a strange dog either. Even if you know the dog and ... Read More »

Please could my mum have your prayers this afternoon?

I pray that your mother's results will be ok, and that she does well. The reason I am writing is because you reminded me of the time I was waiting on my Mother's biopsy, she has breast cancer. My a... Read More »

Please .. I need all the prayers I can get..?

It is not silly of you to request a prayer online. That makes you a loving person. God will take care of him and He will be okay. You have to believe in your heart that God is with all of you. ... Read More »

Im suffering from cardiac probs and am home bound alot of the time can you please keep me in your prayers?

I sure will! Email me if you would like to talk ok? † On-call Prayer Warrior †