This is a little weird..but?

Answer I think it's because your other farts burnt out your nose powers, therefore you no longer smell your farts....but we do.

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Trying to find this song, where this man is singing to a little girl...?

Was it Mika lollipop? Or another Mika song?

Is this too little to eat?

All you had to eat (as in actual FOOD) was one slice of bread. Of course that is too little.Stay away from the shakes and start eating REAL food. In normal amounts instead of this ridiculous starva... Read More »

This is a little disturbing... o_o?

It actually is normal because there is really no such thing as normal. Everyone is different when it comes to masturbation. Some people don't do it, some do it all the time, and some start very ear... Read More »

Is this too little to eat for breakfast PICTURE?

It is too little, you are better to eat 1-2 whole eggs to be healthy.once or twice per week.Dune