This is a hard one to ask How do you know or think you might have cancer?

Answer Hi. I hope your feel better.Your symptoms alone can't determine the development of cancerous cells. Blood tests would have to be conducted. Your symptoms sound like they could be anything or nothin... Read More »

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Why is cancer such a hard disease to find a cure for?

Cancer is a hard disease to find a cure for because cancer is not a single disease, it's an umbrella term for over 200 different diseases. The difficulty with finding a cure is that different cance... Read More »

My brother has cancer only 2 months left im finding it hard to cope?

First, I'm sorry. I have a friend who is going through the very same thing that you are, and I know how difficult it has been for her. Understand, though, that there is nothing that you can do a... Read More »

I'm 14 and like medium chested but my boobs are hard I'm worried about breast cancer?

Hello,There are different stages of breast development in girls which show how the breast grows. The whole process is the part of puberty. As the age of a girl increases, she gets near to the age o... Read More »

Person still alive and cancer free after using the cancer cure mentioned in "outsmart your cancer"?