This is a hard one to ask How do you know or think you might have cancer?

Answer Hi. I hope your feel better.Your symptoms alone can't determine the development of cancerous cells. Blood tests would have to be conducted. Your symptoms sound like they could be anything or nothin... Read More »

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Think i might have cancer?

You might want to see a doctor before jumping to that conclusion.

I think i might have testicular cancer?

GO AND SEE YOUR DOCTOR.. NOW!Or at least, as soon as is possible. Any lumps on your balls are serious. Don't be embarassed, it may save your life.

I'm 14 and think I might have testicular cancer!?

Woah one bigger than other one? One thing you can do to make sure is...Get a pregnancy test. Pee on it. If it appears 2 lines that means your pregnant but youre a man... So if 2 appears that means ... Read More »

I am scared i think i might have ball cancer?

Hopefully it is just the normal anatomy, but you are going to have to get your GP to check it over to be sure.…