This is a bit awkward?

Answer If you want to "finger" yourself, it probably won't hurt if you do it correctly. I've never done that before but I don't intend to, for some women fingering themselves feels good and some it doesn'... Read More »

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Kind of awkward to ask this butt ichtes?

Okay This is Kind of An Awkward Question?

Soak them for a half hour in 2 onces of peroxide mixed 2 onces of 409 or a similar high ph all purpose cleaner. I would put them in a zip lock bag with the solution.The high ph cleaner will accele... Read More »

Should I really feel this awkward about being tall ? happy you are tall ...... You have alot of options ....And if I was to see you , no I wouldn't think your height was weird .....Do you like playing sports ....maybe basketball ? Just be ha... Read More »

How to Be Awkward?

Everyday many try to avoid awkward situations; however, they are very few who love such situations and receive some sort of pleasure. If you happen to be naturally awkward, working backwards from t... Read More »