This is a Westinghouse HDTV remote and how do you program a RMT-05 remote?

Answer none, blue ray codes don't exist yet.

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How do you program a 20.0 IR dish remote to a white-westinghouse tv?

You should be able to switch between Dish Network and Directv as long as you did not leave in bad standing with either satellite provider (e.g. unpaid balance, or failed to return satellite equipme... Read More »

How do you program Westinghouse TV to Time Warner cable remote control?

Whats the code for westinghouse tv code for timewarner click 5 remote

What is the remote code for a Westinghouse model LTV-17v1 with a Philips universal remote what is the remote code?

How do you program your Philips universal cl019 remote control on your white-westinghouse tv?