This hurts?

Answer get something to numb ur mouth and then bite into an apple or u can take gum and chew forever or take pliers and pull it out.

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This hurts really bad. Is this period pain a normality?

Yes it's normal coz i always hav so much pain whenever Im on my periods One way u can make the pain less is by takin in birth control pills which are meant to make them less painful and less thicke... Read More »

I need help this hurts so bad!!?

What is this! It hurts so much!?

Im not exactly sure in your case. But i too have a small hard lump on the roof of my mouth. I have always had it tho (since i can remember. What happens with mine is somtimes it gets swollen and hu... Read More »

Please help this hurts really bad?

There's nothing you can do, we all went through that. Be pacient 2-3 more days. By the way,your mother is a door ?