This guy told me he masturbates over pictures of me on facebook?

Answer You havent told your age. Anyway, I understand how uncomfortable you are with this. But would you believe, I admire his honesty of telling you he does it. he must be the shy type of guy, even p... Read More »

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This girl keeps posting the same pictures over and over on facebook. is there a way to block the pictures but?

Someone told me that there were pictures of naked women on the Internet, is this true?

WHAT a LIAR....I've been searching for the last 5 years for naked pics and I can't find any....LOL

I'v just been told by my doctor that my cholesterol is over 7. How can i reduce this?

Hi MarkIf you total cholesterol was over 7mmol/l you are at increased risk of heart disease. 3 bottles of wine is around 21 to 28 standard drinks (or units) and is a little high - you should have y... Read More »

Is this rumor true Facebook changing pictures to cartoons just for pedophiles?

It is false. This facebook campaign is not connected to pedophiles. Completely disgusted that someone would spread a rumor like this to hurt such a great cause.*Note- I was abused as an child and ... Read More »