This guy told me he masturbates over pictures of me on facebook?

Answer You havent told your age. Anyway, I understand how uncomfortable you are with this. But would you believe, I admire his honesty of telling you he does it. he must be the shy type of guy, even p... Read More »

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My mac isn't showing any pictures in web pages like Facebook and Google pictures.?

If this just started happening and was working correctly before now AND you haven't installed anything in between working and not working...Run basic maintenance: repair permissions and verify disk... Read More »

This girl keeps posting the same pictures over and over on facebook. is there a way to block the pictures but?

Someone told me that there were pictures of naked women on the Internet, is this true?

WHAT a LIAR....I've been searching for the last 5 years for naked pics and I can't find any....LOL

Someone told lies about me in facebook. what should I do?

You have nothing to do because facebook authority doesn't take the liability of lies said by users. The peson on whose wall it is posted he/she is not liable also. All you can do is:1) Report to fa... Read More »