This guy keeps sending me these weird emails. What should i do?

Answer I hope you have kept the emails, if not then keep the future ones and report him. If you have a Email address with your ISP contact your ISP and ask their advice, you could even possibly go to the... Read More »

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What do the CC and the Bcc mean when your sending emails?

Originally, CC meant "carbon copy" -- an abbreviation leftover from the days of typewriters and carbon paper. Its meaning was changed to "Courtesy Copy" because so few people understand what a "car... Read More »

How to Hide My IP Address When Sending Emails?

The simplest way to hide your IP address when sending an email is to configure your browser's connection settings to connect to an anonymous proxy server. There are plenty of free anonymous proxy s... Read More »

How do i stop facebook sending me Emails?

Disconnect your yahoo email from facebook. Coz they are connected to each other.Just try.

Instructions for Sending Emails Using Undisclosed Recipients?

Many users consider it bad etiquette to send an email to a large group of people with their addresses showing. If you want to send an email to a large group while hiding who is receiving it, use th... Read More »