This girl i know claims to be a vegetarian but she eats chicken and turkey?

Answer Maybe shes a non-red meat vegetarian.

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What is the technial name for a vegetarian who eats chicken?

A pollo-vegetarian.If you eat chicken and fish, you're a pesco-pollo vegetarian.

What kind of vegetarian I'm I if I only eat veggies, turkey, fish, and chicken?

your not a vegetarian. They don't eat any meat at all. turkey fish and chicken are all meat. So if you want to be technical your an omnivore. There is no such thing as a flexitarian. It's just a ma... Read More »

Says she's a vegetarian, but eats meat?

She's not a vegetarian. She's a hypocrite. I've heard of pesco-vegetarians. They eat fish, maybe poultry, but consider themselves vegetarians. I'm not buying it for a second.That's like saying ... Read More »

My sister eats fish, would you consider her a vegetarian?

No, she is not a vegetarian by any definition. She is a pescetarian, which has no relation to a vegetarian. Maybe you could ask her on behalf of all vegetarians and vegans in the world to please st... Read More »