This Really a very Odd Q..... You might get a laugh?

Answer just take out one from ur head n put it in ur hairy chest, n let it decide for itself!!!!

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A letter to the non-pregnant person (pregnant ladies you might get a laugh from this)!!?

How do you make the swelling on your lip go down from a pimple just under your lower lip its very painful and very swollen you really just want this pain to go how do you do this?

TTC can be very frustrating,You Might think Im sad to think like this?

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU, I felt like crying today because i just found out my friend is pregnant, the only one left that was ttc lol and I still haven't, my husband and i have been trying for a ye... Read More »

When you woke up this morning with really bad sickness and diarrhea the last couple of days you have been very tearful could this be early stages of pregnancy?

Answer You may be pregnant or you might have a case of food poisoning. Do a test when your period is late.