This Old House: How to Keep a Handle on It?

Answer A civics project that focuses on state-level needs has a wide-reaching agenda. Working on a state civics project does good for an organization that is important to your group, and it also fosters s... Read More »

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What bug is this i keep seeing it around my house !1HELP?

If a bug is in my house then it's a bad bug and I want it out whether it bites or not.Fog your home with a Raid fogger. Read the important instructions. If they are "around" your house then conta... Read More »

When you sell a house, does the house agency handle everything (in australia)?

This is what the conveyencer does (it does not have to be a lawyer - most house transfers do not involve a lawyer unless you are talking about a multi million dollar house)

What's the best way to keep bugs from entering my house and not overtaking my lawn this summer?

Friend wants me to keep him in house at weekend not allow him out to buy heroin can he really stop like this?

No, no and thrice NO!!!!You are not qualified to deal with this. He may become ill or get violent when you deny him heroin. He needs to visit a professional rehabilitation clinic. I fyou reallya ... Read More »