Thirteen and pregger's.?

Answer Well first of all, WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES. Now that said, let us move on. At thirteen it is very difficult to take the responsibility of raising a child. There is nothing in this world that can be... Read More »

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Prego or preggers?

Well, I for one am guilty of that crime, and if I hurt your feelings by it, I'm sorry.As little as 40 years ago (less in some parts of the world) People didn't say the word pregnant.Often referred ... Read More »

TTC once again, does it sound like im preggers?

`Well it all sounds promising and who are we to guess, unless we are doctors. but I would say as much as you had intercourse and your nausea I would say chances are good, just wait a week or two to... Read More »

I have a 'piggy bank' that was given to my mom when she was preggers with me....I would like to pass it down?

Most craft stores have a large supply of different sizes of cork. You maybe able to find one that fits your pig or you can just buy a block and cut it to size yourself.

Funny/not so nice things your husband has said to you while you were preggers?

Oh my gosh, my husband, when I was pregnant with my second child said something to me that I still laugh about today, but can't believe he said! I was doing housework and stuff, and hadn't gotten ... Read More »