Third Grade Instructions for Building a Pulley?

Answer A pulley is a wheel with a grooved rim through which a rope or chain can run. When the rope or chain is attached to a heavy load, this simple machine makes lifting it easier by changing the directi... Read More »

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Pulley Puller Instructions?

Pulleys press into place to ensure they do not become loose while you are operating a vehicle. This makes a pulley impossible to remove by hand. A pulley puller uses pulling force to remove the pul... Read More »

Instructions for a Pulley System?

A "block and tackle" is system of pulleys for making lifting and pulling easier. A pulley system is made up of two or more pulleys connected together with rope in such a way as to provide mechanica... Read More »

Instructions on How to Make a Simple Pulley?

Pulleys are simple mechanisms used everywhere from window shades to construction sites to make our lives easier. Before people had motorized machines to pump underground water, they used buckets an... Read More »

Directions for Making a Pulley for 3rd Grade School Project?

Your budding third-grade engineer comes home bubbling over with enthusiasm about her simple machines school project. The only problem is that you don't know how to make the pulley she wants to make... Read More »