Thinking of mounting my lcd tv on the wall but what about my DVD player etc?

Answer We mounted our 20" LCD TV on our bedroom wall and used some plastic trunking to hide the wires coming from it, then we painted the trunking the same colour as the wall. It doesnt hide it entirely,... Read More »

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Do back to wall toilets require any wall mounting frames?

it is called a toilet flange, comes up Thur the floor the toilet bolts to it, with a wax ring the cistern is what we call a sewer connection

What is the best mounting height of a wall sconce at the bed?

Generally, wall sconces should be placed at least 5 to 6 feet above the floor. At the bed, however, sconces are generally softer (produce more diffuse light), and may be placed slightly lower, so l... Read More »

How do I remove 3M mounting tape from a painted wall?

Remove 3M TapePull the tape carefully off the wall. Stop if it does not begin to pull off easily. Soak a cloth with rubbing alcohol, and saturate the mounting tape with the alcohol from the cloth. ... Read More »

Ideas for Wall-Mounting Headboard Pictures?

The first item you see when you enter a bedroom is usually the headboard. Headboards define a bedroom and are the focal point of the room. Although most headboards attach to the bed, if you are wit... Read More »