Thinking of buying a new computer, any suggestions?

Answer stay away from dell when u have a problem and call u talk to someone in india hard to understand their english...if u are american

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I'm thinking about buying an iPod, any suggestions?

iPods can only work with one computer. (If you buy a new computer and you want the iPod to recognize the new computer, then it'll work fine as long as it's recognizing one computer.)They are Window... Read More »

I'm thinking about buying a Sony surround sound, any suggestions?

Well hello, and congrats on your Sony purchase(awsome tv). Your decision to go with a sony surround sound system is probably a mistake. Cause for the same price or a little more you can get a highe... Read More »

Im thinking of buying a new computer. windows 7 or vista?

i have used both,i prefer only takes time to gt used to.

I'm thinking about buying a Emachine computer. I do a lot of writing is it good?

Yes, they are good, only the serious geeks and nerds would argue more ;)(we have a Dell AND an eMachine, Windows screws them both up equally ;) )You do need to read about some reviews though, try A... Read More »