Thinking about tag indicators?

Answer assuming you arent just using "[" and "]" for demonstration purposes, than do not include those when tagging, and you also do not need ","(comma's) when entering in tagsTags are entered in this fas... Read More »

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Thinking about taking a train across country I have a one year old and a two year old... and my husband and I were thinking about taking the tram from California to Oklahoma. Any feeback Thaks?

Yes, if there is no father's name or signature on the birth certificate everything should be fine. If there is, you would have to get that person on the birth certificate, whether father or not, to... Read More »

I have really bad cramps, and am thinking about ripping my insides out for about a week?

i was wondering what it was that brought you back to r/s again

Thinking about buying a camcorder~ But know nothing about them.?

If you are 14 and thinking about having a baby but are scared about telling your parents what should you do?

Answer If you really want to have a child it will be difficult. but it's worth it! You get to see its smiling face and see how happy it will be when it sees you! I don't know from personal experien... Read More »