Thinking Strategies That Help Learn Basic Math Facts?

Answer When teaching the basics of math, the primary and fundamental operations, your strategy should be to illustrate the operation and keep the explanation as simple as possible. Math doesn't have to be... Read More »

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How to Learn Basic Math Facts?

Learning basic math facts is essential for mastering more complex skills as you progress through school. Mathematics is a scaffolded subject. This means that one skill builds upon another. If you d... Read More »

Strategies to Learn Math for Dyslexic Youths?

Dyslexia, a developmental disorder, causes often bright youth to struggle with processing graphic symbols. Although generally associated with difficulties in understanding the meaning of a complete... Read More »

What Are Math Basic Facts?

Basic math facts from the state performance indicators for middle schools vary slightly by state, but the Educational Testing Service (ETS), which certifies teachers nationally, recognizes a set of... Read More »

How to Practice Basic Math Facts?

Most parents want their children to do well in school, which makes it important to help kids practice basic math facts. Children need to know the basics in order to progress in school, but they als... Read More »