Thinking Activities With Subtraction?

Answer To sharpen your student's subtraction skills, involve them in thinking games, which don't allow them to write down numbers. This will help internalize their math skills. Competition motivates stude... Read More »

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Simple Subtraction Activities?

Subtraction is one of the four basic arithmetic operations -- along with addition, multiplication and division -- and it's imperative for children to master it at a young age. For this reason, teac... Read More »

Activities to Introduce Subtraction?

Students in first grade begin learning about subtraction. Teaching children the concept of this subject is often easier by using illustrations and activities. Students are not taught how to subtrac... Read More »

Subtraction Activities for Christmas?

Subtraction activities for Christmas reinforce math skills by using a holiday theme. Teachers can create Christmas worksheets, organize small group activities or play online educational games at le... Read More »

Regrouping & Subtraction Activities?

The teacher points to the young boy's paper and says, "Remember, all we have to do is borrow from the tens' place and carry it to the ones' place." He frowns, looking up at his teacher. "But, my mo... Read More »