Things to do with beans and chickpeas?

Answer Do you prefer Indian? Those guys have lot of yum things made out of beans and chickpeas.Moreover visit this site which gives you hundreds of recipes using chickpeas. Read More »

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What should I do with dried black chickpeas?

Interesting! I have never heard. Aside from what sounds like shorter cooking time, you can cook them and presumably use them in any chickpea, black bean, or any other bean recipe really...try them ... Read More »

Can u boil bargonzo beans with pinto beans well the bargonzo bean taste different thn pinto beans?

The flavors of the two beans will blend. Do you eat basketti with your bargonzos? (Smile)

What are "red beans" in Texas Are they pinto beans with some kind of spice?

Pinto beans are pinto beans and red beans are red beans. Kidney beans are kidney beans and NOT, under any circumstances, red beans! No self-respecting Cajun (or Texan, either) would cook kidney bea... Read More »

Black Beans Red Beans Or Lima Beans Which do you like better?

Hmm .. I guess black beans. One of my friends made an amazing south beach diet soup with black beans and it was very good.