Things to Remember When Having Your Picture Taken?

Answer Some people are highly photogenic and look great in photographs no matter what they do. Most are not happy with pictures of themselves and fret over looking their best for upcoming photo shoots. A ... Read More »

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Do you remember these things on TV?

And what about 'Rukavat Ke liye Khed hai', deadpan expression of Doordarshan's news readers in a 20-minute news capsule, Krishi Darshan, late night english movies (after 11 pm) where only objection... Read More »

How to Remember to Take Things with You?

Forget me not!Many people worry about finding themselves several blocks from home and suddenly remembering the keys left behind in the office, or the wallet. Anything can be forgotten. If you're th... Read More »

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How to Remember Things You Study Better?

Memorization is a skill developed with practice. Here are a few suggestions to help you remember things you study: