Things to Have for a Goat Meat Business?

Answer Meat goats produce cabrito and chevon. Cabrito is the meat from kids harvested by one week of age. Weaning-age kids produce chevon. The kids weigh about 60 pounds. Muslims, Caribbean Islanders and ... Read More »

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What is the name for goat meat?

Goat meat is often simply referred to as goat. However, it is also known as chevon or cabrito. Chevon is often used when the meat is from full-grown goats; cabrito is often used when the meat is fr... Read More »

Does anyone know what goat meat tastes like?

Goats are related to sheep, so I will say it takes like sheep. Do you know what halal means? Halal is an Arabic term meaning permissble. Muslims are to slaughter their animals in a ceratin way i... Read More »

What is goat meat called?

Goat meat is referred to by various names. It is known as chevon, which is a cross between the French words for goat--"chevre"--and mutton--"mouton." The terms capretto and cabrito also refer to ... Read More »

Can you eat goat meat during preganacy?