Things to Get Tattooed on Your Knuckles?

Answer Tattoos are available in every design and style imaginable, but one classic style is the knuckle tattoo. Popularized by the "Love" and "Hate" tattoos on Robert Mitchum's character in the 1955 film ... Read More »

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What does Tony Perry have tattooed on his knuckles?

What are the consequences of punching things even after your knuckles get swollen and purple?

How to Unlock Knuckles in the Genie Codes for "Sonic 3 & Knuckles"?

In 1994, Sega released "Sonic & Knuckles," a game that featured a revolutionary lock-on technology. The first three installments of "Sonic the Hedgehog" could be inserted into the top of the "Sonic... Read More »

Is any of your parents tattooed or pierced?

Both of mine do. My dad has 2 old military tats on his upper arms that he got when he was younger. My mom has 2, one on the back of each shoulder, that she got a couple years ago. We booked our app... Read More »